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2007-10-20 08:29:28 by Kaputnik

It was my birthday on Monday. I am now 15 years of age.

By way of reward for simply living through a new year, I received a Dell XPS 710 gaming computer that is incredibly fucking awesome.

It plays Oblivion on the highest settings with no difficulty! Woo!

Thinking about reinstalling Diablo 2 today. That game is fun.



2007-08-15 17:22:39 by Kaputnik

I recently returned from a pleasant jaunt to the great fat country of USA.

The people are actually really friendly.
I stayed in New York, Key Biscayne, Disneyland, Florida and North Carolina.

While in North Carolina, some friends of ours took us to a flea market in Franklin.

In this flea market, I found a little game shop. In said game shop, I found the starcraft battle chest for $15.

Later, back in New York, I found it in best buy for $20.

It was, in retrospect, not that great of a deal. But hey, Starcraft is still awesome.

Hai guise

2007-07-19 17:46:34 by Kaputnik

I am slowly coming to terms with this blogging thing.

Today I:

Watched the entire Pure Pwnage series
Installed Diablo II and Dawn of War on meh Laptop
I played World of Warcraft


2007-07-18 05:15:07 by Kaputnik

Apparently I be posting to a blog. On newgrounds. AAAAHAHAHAHA