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2007-08-15 17:22:39 by Kaputnik

I recently returned from a pleasant jaunt to the great fat country of USA.

The people are actually really friendly.
I stayed in New York, Key Biscayne, Disneyland, Florida and North Carolina.

While in North Carolina, some friends of ours took us to a flea market in Franklin.

In this flea market, I found a little game shop. In said game shop, I found the starcraft battle chest for $15.

Later, back in New York, I found it in best buy for $20.

It was, in retrospect, not that great of a deal. But hey, Starcraft is still awesome.


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2007-08-18 02:21:28

$5 saving, pwnage.

Do youcarry coupons around with you everday? My dad does.

Vaginum =D

Kaputnik responds:

Coupons? Nah. I rely on my jedi mind tricks to catch a discount.


2007-08-18 14:40:01

Not all of america is fat, some of us are physically fit. Its a diverse nation. Glad you had fun.

Kaputnik responds:

Fat as in huge, not fat as in fat fat :D