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2007-10-20 08:29:28 by Kaputnik

It was my birthday on Monday. I am now 15 years of age.

By way of reward for simply living through a new year, I received a Dell XPS 710 gaming computer that is incredibly fucking awesome.

It plays Oblivion on the highest settings with no difficulty! Woo!

Thinking about reinstalling Diablo 2 today. That game is fun.



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2007-10-20 08:44:15

Fucking nice!
I'd personally rather have a Mac, but still... Nice!!
My 15th is Nov. 13.
And yes, Diablo II kicks ass!

Kaputnik responds:

:3 its a fine machine indeed :D


2007-10-20 08:52:04

Hell yeah. Any other specs?
HDD? RAM? Video card? Processor?
I'm curious.

Kaputnik responds:

Well, I know the graphics card is a Nvidia Geforce 8800, intel core 2 duo processor and a heck of a lot of RAM.

Ill check up the specs later on.


2007-10-20 08:58:07

I've temporarily bookmarked this to see if you've posted the rest of the specs later.


2007-10-20 09:36:09

What is that blue toy in front of the monitor ?

Kaputnik responds:

Heh, it's a chibi captain america :3


2007-10-20 10:20:39

That computer is fucking awesome. But why'd you get a Dell?

I'm not saying they're bad, but they horribly overprice their PCs.

Chances are [your parents?] payed an un-needed extra 1000$ for it.

Kaputnik responds:

Well, yah, but it was either this or an alienware for like a squillion pounds.


2007-10-20 10:58:20

Cool DON'T GET A FUCKING MAC!!! it sucks ball$ 1082$ for mac = CRAP mouse dosn't even work talk about the keyboard...It Dosn't work Well good luck! (get vista and your computer will crash) Nice Xp


2007-11-22 22:09:03

Awesome computer, man.

Also, what camera did you use?


2008-01-19 16:28:17

i like my mac better.


2008-12-08 05:30:57

Nice Comp...ofc Oblivion...well...not that demanding LOL
if it Can make S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - The shadow of Chernobyl,Fallout 3 and COD 4 run perfectly then its ok....and btw..expect Diablo 3 Soon ;)and Starcraft 2...
Coming from the 1 who is a Blizzard gamer xD
And don't install Vista...not Until Service pack comes out...couse it'll make your comp go haywire...